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Swaggering Cock

Your one and only essential

Male Contraceptive

"Men are from MARS, Women are from VENUS. Men are for size, Women are for stamina. As of 2000 AD, with the introduction of Viagra, size has been downsized.  Stamina is what women want.

As of 2013 AD, women are the breadwinners in 35% of households.  Your PENIS is an economic indicator. I bet you didn't know that! When men can't find work and are unemployed they can no longer function as a breadwinner. Being a breadwinner is the holy grail of manhood. The social contract developed during the industrial revolution is null and void. The ramifications are sobering. Men are suffering from Penis embarrassment.

Diddly Squat offers 2 solutions.

One:  Beg, borrow or steal your dad's Viagra.

Or two: get "Swaggering Cock" your one and only essential MALE CONTRACEPTIVE"

Home Safe Sex 4 Women Safe Sex 4 Men
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